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How Does Misconduct at Work Impact Executive Search?

Learn how Fama automates online screening to help executive search firms create a fast and thorough due diligence process.

The Impact of Workplace Misconduct on Executive Search

Executives don’t just need to be qualified in their functional business area, they also need the right skills and values to properly lead a team.

Employee misconduct is so costly and pervasive that occupational fraud alone costs companies 5% of their annual revenues. Employers paid $137 million to employees for harassment in 2020. In total, US companies spend roughly $50 billion a year because of workplace crimes. 

Employers are struggling to find and hire good quality candidates, especially at executive levels. That’s why they partner with search firms.

Fama's online screening solution searches over 10,000 online sources for critical workplace misconduct issues - helping executive search firms complete due diligence processes fast, thoroughly, and cost-effectively. 

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