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Workplace Misconduct Screening: Reduce Company Risk and Make Better Hires

By Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender

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How HR and Recruitment Can Screen Candidates for Workplace Misconduct

Find out how Sharlyn Lauby recommends HR and Recruiting mitigate risk and improve quality of hire 

If anyone knows how to work responsibly, it's Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender. Through her long and dynamic career as an HR professional and organizational leader, she has helped organizations build amazing teams, create reasonable and responsible people policies, and create great corporate cultures. 

We partnered with Sharlyn to talk about an important part of any business: creating talent acquisition and hiring policies that protect the organization from workplace misconduct. 

In this guide, HR and Talent leaders will learn: 

  • What workplace misconduct is 
  • The impact misconduct has on the business
  • The legality of workplace misconduct and candidate screening
  • Advantages of screening for workplace misconduct
  • How to add online screening to the hiring process and decisions

Understand the impact of workplace misconduct on your business and the role HR and Recruiting have in preventing it today. 

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